Freelance Grooming. The beggining.

So why have I started grooming?
To be clear, I have a job, full time 7:30 - 17:00 five days a week.
But having worked this office job since last November I realized that despite being in a better position from most peoples point of view, I was not in a better position for myself. 
I missed the hard work and cold fingers, the satisfaction of turning a woolly mammoth into a well-presented hunter. Or my fluffy little section A into a well-groomed driving pony. 
I also, despite the regular wage I am now on, struggle financially. 
I want a job that I can do as an extra, earning alongside my full-time job, so why not make it my own little business. 
I enjoy doing it, I like seeing horses that I have turned out looking good in whatever it is that they are doing. 
So time to get myself out of my little rut.
Back to the ridiculously early mornings, mucking out and feeding before work, plaiting up manes and leaving horses ready to go hunting. 
I want to go in at night feeling like I have achieved something.
My office job is fine but it doesn't give me a sense of fulfillment.
The horses do. 
To the point where I would like to build this up, make it a career and something that can sustain me instead of just something that provides me with some extra income.
Horses, grooming, and training are something that I am utterly passionate about and I fully intend to follow my dream.
This blog will be a record of my progress.
Tips and tricks that I learn along the way and hopefully a source of inspiration for anyone out there that is considering going into this line of work.
There will also be a website coming up as things progress. 
I am confident that I can make this a success and have signed up for a course in equine sports massage, by next July I should be qualified and have another string to my bow.
This journey is going to be hard, no doubt there will be ups and downs, laughter, tears and times when I just don't want to do it. 

I want to share every second of this with you.
As I groom, Train, Produce and lord knows what else I hope you will get some entertainment and some inspiration out of it. 

See you all in the next post.


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